• Can I keep my phone numbers?

    Of course, phone numbers can be ported into our network from most other carriers and if you decide to find another phone provider you can take them with you.

  • Can different locations work together?

    That’s the beauty of our system. No matter what your physical location our phone switch behaves likes it a single point of presence. To a coworker you could be across town but intercom them like they are down the hall. You can pick up call overflow from multiple locations and see when your staff is on the phone. For your privacy, we outbound your company caller ID even if you are dialing from your cabin in McCall.

  • What happens when my internet goes down?

    Even if the Internet connection or the power may be out at your location, the phone switch is still active. Customers calling into your company will get your auto attendant and voicemail boxes.

    If you are going to be down for a few hours, we can forward your numbers to an alternate device, like your cell phone.

    As an added precaution, using our out of service auto forwarding feature, when our switch can’t find your phone it will automatically forward to a preconfigured secondary number.

  • What equipment will I need?

    A typical installation only requires the addition of our Cisco IP phones, their power supply, and a patch cord. Depending on the complexity of your data network a router with traffic shaping and additional switch might be necessary. Consulting with one of our sales staff and a system technician can answer that question for you.

  • What kind of internet should I use?

    Any high speed internet will work. We have customers using DSL, cable, T1s and Ethernet connections. But remember a stable, available internet connection is a must for reliable and clear calls. We can help you determine if what you have now will work or if you need to upgrade to another type of internet service.

  • Can I use your service if I have offices in other states?

    Right now the answer is, maybe. Give us a call and we can explain.

  • How much bandwidth will I need?

    Depending on the number of workers and the type of business you run can greatly affect your bandwidth needs. You will not have clear calls without enough bandwidth; so if you are concerned one of our sales staff can help you evaluate what is the right speed for optimal call quality.

  • I am interested but I will be moving to a new office in a few months—shouldn’t I wait?

    Why wait, relocation is easy! When you move all you have to do is take your handsets to your new location and plug them in. Since there is no equipment on-site and all the programming is done on our hosted switch. Your personal settings and call routing stays the same no matter where your phones are. Most of our clients have found it is best to know the phone system before the move in order to make your move less disruptive.

  • I have heard about some VoIP services with call quality issues, how good is the quality, really?

    Like our name suggestion the voice quality is crystal clear as long as you have appropriate internet bandwidth. We build our network to route traffic efficiently to ensure business class quality.

  • What about adds, moves, or changes to my service?

    We take care of that for you. Our helpdesk is available 24x7x365 and there are no additional charges for email, phone, or live chat support. Since our service is “in the cloud” nearly all requests can be completed without a site visit.

  • What about my toll free numbers?

    Toll free numbers can be ported into our network too. We just need a copy of your most recent telephone bill.

  • What are my maintenance fees?

    There are no maintenance fees. The benefit of hosted phone service is that all customers are sharing the cost of ownership. There are no surprises. Your monthly fee covers all support, software and hardware maintenance and upgrades.

  • What does hosted mean?

    Hosted phone service means we purchase, maintain and manage the infrastructure, equipment, and software required to have an enterprise class phone system then we split the cost with all our customers so you all benefit. We do all the work so you can focus on your business.