• A Big Thanks from the MDA

    by Autumn Hume | January 19, 2012

    Hi Kelly,

    I really appreciate the opportunity to come thank your team for all of their help and support with the MDA Labor Day Telethon this past September! Truly, everyone there was so supportive and great to work with. I looked up how much we have paid for phones in the past, and it looks like your donation was worth about $1350. That sends 1 child to MDA Summer Camp, pays for a year’s worth of repairs to a person’s wheelchair, plus a flu shot. Wow!

    Thank you also for taking the time to talk about our upcoming MDA Muscle Walk. We would love to partner with Clear Voice Telecom on that event through a team or a sponsorship – let me know if you have any questions about that event too, and if that would be a possibility.

    Either way, I am definitely looking forward to working with you and the Clear Voice team again for this year’s Telethon! Thank you again!

    Kindest regards,

    Autumn Hume / Executive Director
    Muscular Dystrophy Association

  • Problems, anyone?

    by Kelly Ryan | December 07, 2011

    I sell what most consider a necessary evil. I was going to be a physical therapist when I left college and took a job in a small telecom company as a favor to a friend of a friend. I was only supposed to be “filling in” for a few days while they interviewed and hired someone to sit in the customer service seat. I have now been in telecom for 15 years. However, those few years in that customer service seat were invaluable. The most pertinent lesson I learned and the one that will stick with me forever is that you can never avoid problems, but you can truly control how they are handled. I found that what most customers want is honesty and to know that you are working on it in the quickest timeframe possible. I have watched problems last and drag out for weeks, only to find they could have been solved in minutes, had you reached the right person in the right department with the appropriate knowledge.  Even if you don’t know what’s wrong, if you are real with your customer and address the issue head on, you will always come out better than if you wait. In fact, I have often called a customer to let them know about an issue before they realized they had one. No better way to gain credibility than to be real and engage them sooner rather than later. Bad news never gets better the longer you wait. It is truly an opportunity for your client to understand how you will react and whether or not you can be counted in case of an emergency.

  • Exciting News from Clear Voice Telecom

    by Cassie Benson | November 29, 2011

    Ta da! Welcome to our news page. Here you will soon find staff supplied posts on what we are up to and what we are thinking. These are exciting times and I am glad you decided to check us out!

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